Thompson Legal Center Wins Sex Discrimination Case

Tampa Sex Discrimination attorneys James M. Thompson and Kathryn Hopkinson win trial against Hillsborough County. A Tampa jury found that Hillsborough County discriminated against a male library assistant because of his sex when it fired him. After a three-day trial, which demonstrated that the Upper Tampa Bay Library treated its male employees differently than its female employees, the jury determined that a male library assistant was disciplined for matters not subject to discipline when done by his female co-workers, that he had his evaluation altered unfavorably and that he was unjustly fired by Hillsborough County. The male employee was written up for arriving early to work and for answering patrons’ questions. Testimony was presented that when female employees did the same, they were not counseled or disciplined. Including fees and costs, Mr. Banner was awarded a little over $120,000. This case shows that sex discrimination can be against male as well as female employees.