Equal Pay for Equal Work! The 12th Anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Act

tampa bay wage discriminationBefore the Lilly Ledbetter Act you had to file a Charge of Discrimination within 300 days from the time the employer first decided to discriminate against you by paying you less that your male counterparts. The problem with this is most women do not realize they are being paid less. Lilly Ledbetter was paid 40% less than the lowest paid male counterpart and she only discovered this after being with the company for 19 years. She lost her fight but has made a difference for women since then. Under the Lilly Ledbetter Act, the time for filing a charge is based on when the employee learns she is being paid less; not when the discriminatory decision was implemented.

If you think you are being paid less than a male employee in the same position we can help. You are entitled to back pay if you were paid less because of your sex. Please call us at 813-769-3900 for a free, confidential consultation.