Diversity Initiatives Attempt to Fight Race Discrimination

Racial discrimination is still present in today’s workforce.  However, many companies and their employees feel that diversity in the workplace should play a role in their hiring and promotion decisions. A January 2019 poll conducted by Pew Research states that 75% of all respondents felt it was important for companies to “promote racial and ethnic diversity in the workplace”. Within that number, different identity groups based on race and political stance fell to different sides when asked about how that promotion of diversity should factor into the hiring process. For example, it was reported that “74% of white people, 54% of black people, 69% of Hispanic people, 62% of Democrats, and 90% of Republicans” believed that attention to race and ethnicity in hiring and workplace decisions was unjust.

There is difficulty in hiring for diversity, which can quickly create a feeling of “tokenism”, leading new hires to feel as though they have been hired for the sole purpose of filling a quota.

While many employees have reacted positively to increased inclusion of their identity in the workplace, many still feel targeted and discriminated against for their differences. Yet diversity in the workplace contributes to better ideas, higher profitability, and better company branding. Maintaining higher accountability standards, practicing inclusivity, and understanding the unconscious race discrimination that surrounds diversity decisions are all essential components to eliminating racial discrimination.

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